Undisclosed Dinner in the press

"3 renowned chefs, 4 courses, a secret location. If you follow me on Facebook you must already know that I recently attended the very first edition of Undisclosed Dinner. Now I’m back to tell you that I loved it! So what is the Undisclosed Dinner?..." [Read S Marks The Spots' full post here]

"Why Not Monday had the chance to meet Stephanie Tang. This 26 year old ambitious Bruxelloise could actually write a book about how much she likes food and cooking. When she starts talking about food, she has got glittering eyes. Pure passion. The thing that she loves most is ..."


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"A while ago, I received an email inviting me to take part in a new project in the ever-bubbling culinary scene of Brussels: Undisclosed Dinner.The concept is simple and very tempting: 3 Chefs, One 4-course menu, an undisclosed location. The experience is unique, because each Undisclosed Dinner gathers... "


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"En terme d'expérience culinaire, Bruxelles ne manque pas d'originalité: après un tram gourmand, un repas dans le noir et une nacelle suspendue dans le vide, voici venu le temps des Undisclosed Dinners. Une nouvelle aventure gustative qui réunira dans un endroit tenu secret jusqu'à la dernière minute...."


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"Stéphanie Tang (2012) a lancé Undisclosed Dinner, projet qu’elle mène à côté de sa fonction de Product Manager chez bpost..."

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